Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goat Feast in the Mixteca Baja

A long anticipated party happened yesterday in our friend Crecencio's village. For years, he's been speaking of the day when we would all be together eating barbecued goat in his house. Yesterday was the day. Here are the men gathered around the pit oven, uncovering it with shovels.

Layers of plastic were removed, and the innermost layers  are made of roasted maguey leaves.

Inside, there are three barbecued goats, steamed to falling-apart perfection after twelve hours in the pit.
The goat was served as is with hot fresh handmade tortillas - made from local blue corn, I think they were the best part of the feast - and several salsas, chopped onion, cilantro, lime wedges, and guacamole.

There was enough goat to go around and around, and even the dogs got their fair share.

In the late afternoon, the local wood seller came by with a delivery. He brought it on donkey-back, and his beast of burden has a baby with her, a three month old baby burro, just about the cutest creature God ever created. All the children (and me) jumped up and chased after it, grabbing and hugging unmercifully.


  1. Great pictures Aimee, but what I would like to know is....what was in that glass of booze that knocked Ivory out??

    1. Mescal, my friend, mescal. The distilled product of the fermentation of the roasted hearts of the agave plant. You probably know about tequila, which is just mescal produced Ina certain geographical area. Mescal is still a local, artisanal product, one which can knock you on your ass. And has knocked
      Me on mine, more than once.