Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evening in the Alameda

Oaxaca's cathedral. The large plaza fronting it is called the Alameda, and it adjoins the Zocalo, or main square. Together, the two plazas create a wonderful public space, which is filled in the evenings with musicians and vendors. It's a wonderful place to get some street food... do a little surreptitious smooching... a balloon or cheap chinese toy for your kids from somebody else's kids....

...get your shoes shined....

...or catch a performance. Last evening there was a band playing Danzon and dozens of couples dancing. There were several strolling musicians, a marimba band, and this clown. An hour spent people-watching in the Alameda on a fine Oaxaca evening is pleasant indeed. 

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  1. How lovely! I hope you and Homero wee one of he snuggling couples. I can' wait to see it all when I get there.