Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Living Quarters

We are settling into our new space fairly comfortably. Until yesterday we have had only one room, instead of the two we were expecting, because Mama had been using the second room as storage and the job of cleaning it out was too big for her to do alone. Homero and Estalin (my brother in law) spent all day yesterday moving boxes and boxes of clothes, blankets, books, and assorted small appliances, electronics, etc. Mama is a bit of a pack rat, and she is certainly a world-class clothes horse. She has more clothing than anyone else I know, and a lot of it is beautiful traditional costumes.

Here is Homero's and my room:

As you can see we have our computer set up, and some closet space (the washing machine doesn't work, we are using it as a clothes hamper/table). Homero's guitars are on Ivory's bed. It took her a while, but Iovry learned to climb the wrought-iron spiral staircase and come upstairs to sleep with us. 

The same room from the other side. The bed is a double - at home we are accustomed to a king, but I find I am rather enjoying the closer quarters with my husband. We have a tiny little Romeo and Juliet balcony, which is just large enough to stand on and watch the kids playing soccer in the street. Perhaps someday my husband will serenade me, and I can come out on the balcony and toss him down a white flower or whatever the signal is that means "okay, come on up and get some." 

This is the balcony outside the room. It's a great space; wide enough for a table and chairs, roofed but unwalled, with a view of the big green hills that bulk up the northern horizon. Here is where I set up our little "school" for the girls. It's simply a table with our supplies stacked on it, separated into the categories  "math," "science," "language arts," and "fun and games." On the wall there is a schedule and every day we list the lessons we did that day.

Gotta run, more later


  1. I love the colors of Mexico. They're so cheery and bright! Looks like you're settling in well. Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. It looks lovely and homey! I am feeling a little envious of the 'simplification' of your life (or at least your stuff).