Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Last!

Here we are, at last, in Mexico. I'm writing on my phone and using the wifi in a restaurant (a very good restaurant, where we have been enjoying a mixed grill and cold beers, after a dip
In a beautiful pool) so I'm keeping this short. We waited a week at my dad's house in Tucson for our friends to arrive. There was a further delay when the van threw a head gasket, and turned out to need a whole new head, poor Homero was working all day in 109 degree heat. This
Morning early we left Tucson and crossed in Nogales. The crossing was
Complicated by the fact that our friends are paperless- when I have access to a computer I will have something to say about this. For now I'm just going to say I was so ashamed of
Country that I cried.
It took all day to pass customs, but at last we re here and celebrating. More later.


  1. Yay you've made it! Just relax for a bit -- I'm sure it's hotter than hell and it sounds like a rough trip. I'm so glad to hear that you made it safely.

  2. Hooray! I love you, mom. Be safe.

  3. Its a good thing that your husband is so clever, that repair would have cost heaps more if you didn't have a live in Mechanic (lol)

    Time now to take a break and RELAX

    Customs in most places (I've found) are slow and dis-courteous especially right here in Oz. I am so ashamed to say that Aimee. Our guys look like they are going to tear you apart when you arrive. After arriving home from a trip to Asia where all the people (including customs) treat everyone with great respect and friendliness, I realised that we have a great deal to learn. It doesn't cost any thing to smile.

    Have a great time in Mexico

  4. Thanks Olive... It wasn't Mecican customs, it was the US border patrol post right before the border... You'd think they'd let undocumented immigrants leave the country without harassment, but no. There is a very real risk of being arrested and jailed as you re trying to go home.